Cape Town

Cape Town

Welcome to an exceptional city, a place where dreamers find inspiration, where lovers are compelled to return, time and again.

This is Cape Town, a sophisticated city at the gateway to a majestic continent. Proudly conscious of itself, yet always subtle, the Mother City is both modern and humble, even down-to-earth. It’s a place where old and new harmoniously converge – in history, architecture, cultural pursuits and the essence of its people. Warmed by the African sun, the city is dominated by a towering, table-shaped mountain, set on a peninsula of soaring, rocky heights and lush valleys, where two oceans converge- Indian and Atlantic. Immense natural beauty and the fast pace and bright lights of a great urban centre meld effortlessly here. Firmly positioned on the international map, Cape Town offers a myriad things to do and places to see, whatever your tastes, inclinations or budget.





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