Wellington, steeped in history and tradition, has a magical atmosphere that will captivate you once you discover the town, its people and its myriad of attraction.

Originally known as Limiet Valley (border or frontier valley), the area became known as Val du Charron or Wagenmakervallei (valley of the Wagon Maker) during the French Huguenots settlement, but was later renamed in honor of the renowned soldier and conqueror of the battle of Waterloo. The first inhabitants of the Valley go back as far as the Stone Age. This period stretches over thousands of years to the San and Khoi groups of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. It is not uncommon for artifacts of these early ages to be found in the vicinity. In the Hawequa mountains there are still signs of these early inhabitants in the form of rock paintings, presumably done by the San people.

Nestling at the foot of the Groenberg, the town is a mere 72 km drive from Cape Town and within easy reach of various prominent tourist towns and their attractions. The fact that the majority of South Africa vine-cutting nurseries are found in the Wellington area is due to the excellent soils and climate of the region. The Wellington Wine Route is small and compact and cellars are within easy driving distance of another. The members of this route are all open to the public and will welcome wine lovers to come and taste their products in a friendly and informal atmosphere. Make personal acquaintance with the winemakers and learn more about their wines, which have obtained numerous medals on both national and international wine shows. We cordially invite you to taste the Boland hospitality at our wineries where quality of life is restored in one visit! Therefore, after a visit to our Wine Route you will admit, like so many others, that you have been truly conquered.





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